Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The First Fat to Fit Diary Vlog

I never thought I would do this! Enjoy while I still have it posted. ;)

Weight loss totals:
Starting weight: 320 pounds
May weigh-in: 274.2
June weigh-in: 272.2
Total loss so far: 47.8 Pounds
Short term goal: 260 pounds (12.2 pounds to go)
Long term goal: 200


  1. omg I LOVE it!!!! More more more!!!


  2. Thanks Hamsasya!! :) If I can stop with all the umm's and ahhh's there will be a couple more ;)

  3. That was awesome Vinny. I wont lie, I cried seeing your face. I love you!

  4. I LOVED your vlog! I love that I can add a voice with people I've read the words of. Congrats on your faster time! That's awesome! You seriously have a radio voice. Looking forward to more vlogs from you! :)


  5. Good job on the faster 5k time, and BRAVO to facing your fears and putting up a vlog! (I haven't faced that fear yet!) I love seeing people's faces and hearing their voices.

    I didn't think you did too bad with the umms and ahhs. I really didn't even notice. :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Elisha! It was tough to do, but I think the others might be easier. The support is great!! Thanks! :)

  7. Vinny! Great vlog :) Its weird to hear you actually talk instead of reading your comments or tweets. I may try and do a vlog myself. Keep working hard!