Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Fun With Fake News

OK...no weight loss stuff this morning. I just thought it would be fun to do some fake news, seeing as the first snowflake of the year always bring about panic to the St Louis region LOL.

So now...your fake news (or not far from the truth news LOL):


St Louis MO, Vinny Slavin Reporting:

This morning was a disaster all over St Louis when a snowflake fell upon the region. All over the highways people were slamming into each other after seeing said snowflake.

One commuter was asked if after seeing the snowflake if he feared for his life. His response "My god yes. I saw the snowflake falling and as it hit my car on the windshield, I was all like holy shit I am going to die, I better slow down and do 15 mph on this 60 mph highway."

Another commuter was asked the same question while his hummer was being turned over from an earlier accident. "I saw the snowflake and immediately started to drive 120 mph to try and avoid it. That is when I drove over the top of some other obviously scared commuter doing 15 mph. Next thing I know I am in this ditch.....damn snowflake!"

In St Charles, MO a man was seen coming out of a grocery store rushing to load everything he bought into the back of his pickup. When asked what he thought about the snowflake he stated "I work from home, so I didn't even have to come out this morning, but when I saw the snowflake I knew I had to act fast. I came to the store an bought 8 gallons of milk, 12 loaves of bread and 6 dozen eggs. You know, just in case the snowflake decided to eat all our food. When I got to the register the girl ringing me out asked what all this was and I told her I saw a snowflake....she freaked!" What did she do then I asked? " Well she started screaming bloody hell and that is when all the insanity broke out. People were yelling and screaming and trying to get the last of the canned goods. Others were being hit over the head with french bread sticks, it was crazy."

All over the St Louis area stories were the same as people on their way to work saw the season's first snowflake fall. One can only imagine what will happen when many snowflakes get together and decide to fall at the same time. This reporter can only assume Armageddon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday was my official monthly weight in, I lost 5 pounds in the month of October and I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed in the results. I’m not upset at the loss, hey 5 pounds gone is never a bad thing, but with as hard as I worked I was really hoping for a bigger loss. Ten pounds I would have been ecstatic with.

I know I shouldn’t be concentrating on the scale as much as other things, but I need to see something to keep me motivated. Some have pointed at the fact that I’m weight training as the cause for the limited weight loss (only 30 pounds in 7 months). I do see a difference in my shoulders when look in the mirror; they are becoming defined a bit, but we have no full length mirrors in house so the chest up is all I can see. The stomach is still my major issue though. I don’t see much improvement at all in that area, although my girlfriend does. Why can’t I see it?

I don’t know, maybe I’m nit picking at myself or maybe I just need to go back to taking measurements. I’m just afraid motivation will start to taper off and I’ll go back to my old habits. Yesterday was a good example. I got off the scale and felt I let myself down. That led to a half ass lazy workout, and eating so much at dinner I felt sick.

Can someone say emotional eating? I guess I still have a ways to go in that area.

Today I obviously feel bad for the binge, no surprise there. I also know that I need to have a great workout today to get me back on track. So why is it I’m sitting here writing a blog post and trying to get motivated, instead of getting ready for the gym? Ugh…I’m really hoping I can turn things around today. I know I’m making some progress, I just look at where I am and I think…man, I am so far away from where I want to be.

I think a lot of this is fear talking. I just bought tickets to go home to see my family for the holidays. I’m really happy seeing that it’s been almost 12 years since I have spent a holiday with them (I’ve been home to visit since, but no holidays), but all I keep thinking about is one thing.

Will I need a seat belt extender when I get on the plane?

Seriously, this is what goes through my head. I have never used one, but there have been times when I just couldn’t get the belt snapped together and should have asked for an extension. Yup, I’m one that pretended to be buckled in when really I wasn’t. I suffer from a bit of social anxiety and the last thing I want is to be the center of attention by asking for the fat belt.

So this month I will be working even harder than last month, all so in early December I can hear one small goal…..”CLICK”. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Very First Guest Post

I will be back to my regular scheduled programming later in the week. Today though, I would like you to check out my very first guest post on Fat Girl vs.World. I am summing up my month for the #OctGTD challenge (October Going the Distance).

I was very honored that she would ask me to do this, and I would be equally as honored if you all jumped over and read it. :)

http://bit.ly/cdb7Ra   <------Read it here, then follow her here @FatGirlvsWorld on Twitter.