Friday, May 7, 2010

Frustrations, Inspirations, Quotations

At some prodding from a few people to update my blog, I figured I should at least let you know what has been going through my head the past week and why there hasn’t been an update.  It has been a rough week on the weight loss front (mentally anyway) and because of that my time at the gym has suffered.
After ending last week on such a high note, Monday kicked me in the tenders so to speak and took the wind out of me. On Saturday I missed my weigh in so Monday was going to be the day. After two weeks of not weighing in I was sure to see some weight loss…right? Wrong, I stepped on the scale and it said exactly the same thing it did 2 weeks prior…311.6 (I know I know, but Vinny I thought you weighed 303? I did, well I thought. I’ll get to that later).   I was so mad I walked out of the gym. Really, just stopped my work out and walked out.  After coming off such a good week thinking this time is it, this time I have the determination, this time there are people backing me up, it was extremely frustrating to see no progress.  So I sulked a bit, took a mental tantrum and didn’t go to the gym all week.
Now I didn’t gorge myself on food all week either. I did have some mind left to sit back and try to put together why I did not lose a single pound.  At the suggestion of my girlfriend, I should look at the fact that I started to lift weights. I should also look into starting a food journal and track calories. I really didn’t think that after two weeks of using weights that I could impede any weight loss, but I do know that I need to count calories now. This estimating stuff that I have been doing just isn’t cutting it. Counting calories has never worked long term for me before but I am willing to give it another try. Besides, I have to do something.  My girlfriend said that if I don’t get my ass back to the gym she will hurt me LOL. So today I will get back to the gym and try not worry about the scale anymore. I took measurements for a reason and I will continue to use those to track my progress.
After weeks like this I guess I need to sit back and take a look at all the inspirations that I have to lose weight. After all, those inspirations are the things that got me started on this journey. There is my girlfriend who is very supportive and looking at her makes me realize I would really like to be around a long time to share my life with her.  Then there are my sisters. They are both into this fitness stuff and give me tips on this whole weight loss thing. They inspire me because they both set their minds to things and were able to run their first 5k last year. Also on my list of inspirations are the great bloggers that I read up on all the time. Reading their struggles and triumphs always lets me know that there are others out there going through the same stuff as I am and there is a way to make this weight loss happen.  Last but certainly not least is my Dad.  He is an inspiration because he has struggled with weight his whole life and 3 years ago had open heart surgery. Now, what is inspiring about this is that he was around 67 years old when this happened and now at almost 70 he has lost a bunch of weight just by dieting and watching what he eats.  I figure if someone at the age of 70 can have the determination to lose weight so can I. Besides, he is always so happy to talk about the weight he has lost so far. I’m not sure of the exact weight he has lost, but I do know that it was quite a bit and he is almost at his goal.
Well that is all for right now. I need to get ready for the gym and get back on track mentally for this long road I’m on. I will however leave you with one of my favorite quotes. I’m not sure who said it but I do know that it can be motivational at times.
“To be challenged is inevitable. To be defeated is optional…NEVER give up!”
Oh and one last thing. I have a blog roll over to the right of this page. Consider reading some of those blogs on a regular basis.  They are all great people and have great info to share about weight loss and other topics.  If you have a blog and are not on my blog roll that means I have not discovered you yet. Introduce yourself and I would be more than happy to check out your blog.


  1. Don't beat yourself up over not loosing any weight last week. It's going to happen now and sucks, but it happens. Step away from the scale LOL. It will beat you down. You're on the right track!!!
    I think Dad has lost about 55 lbs so far. If he can do it...U can!! Just keep track of what you eat.

  2. Dude...get your ass back to that gym. Fuck the numbers! Get healthy and then worry about what the scale says.

    If you let what the scale says dictate the choices in your life then brother the battle is over.

    Seriously, go to the gym and don't give up this fight!

  3. I went back to the gym yesterday and I think I am mentally back on track. You two are right, I can't let the scale dictate anything. I took measurements for a reason and I will use those and the fact that I feel better to track progress. Thanks, I needed the verbal ass kicking :p.

    That is my new motto!!! SWTSS (Screw What The Scale Says)LOL