Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Getting Easier

If you had asked me 2 months ago to go run a half mile, even in increments, I would have laughed and went back to eating my third helping at the buffet. Today I am proud to say I ran a total of a half mile and went on to do my usual Wednesday workout as well.

I got on the treadmill today thinking I would do 25 min of warm-up and then do my Wednesday weight workout for the rest of the hour. As it turns out my body had other plans. At 25 minutes I said I would do another 5 to even it out a half hour of walking. At 30 minutes my body felt like it wanted to run...really, I know that sounds weird but that's just how it felt. So I started to jog at 4mph and after a min I stopped and walked. I did that another 3 times and with 7 min 30 sec left on the timer I said screw it, lets try to jog the clock out. Well that was a bit ambitious and I only ran for 3 minutes then slowed to a walk again. I was so close to jogging a total of  a half mile that I had to run again to make it. So at 1 min 30 sec left on the timer I started to jog again and totally finished it!! I was so excited that I was smiling on the treadmill. Seven and a half minutes of jogging at 4mph is a half mile and I did that!! Two months ago I never thought that would happen and today it did. Even when I first got on the treadmill and could only walk a half mile or so before being winded, I never thought it would only take 2 months for me to be jogging and still have enough left in me to work with weights after, WOW, this is cool!

Days like this really set the tone for the rest of the day/week. What are some of the milestones that you made that set the tone for the rest of your journey? What made things click that made you think, wow, I can really do this?


  1. Great post Vinny. Here are some of my milestones:

    *I promised I would get myself a gym membership after I lost the first #30 on my own. I joined that gym March 30th of this year.
    *I ran 5.5 miles last Sunday.
    *I actually signed up and look forward to participating in two 5k run and one half marathon walk in the near future.
    *My snacking is almost non-existent.
    *I haven't had a diet soda if over 3 months.
    *I haven't set foot in an elevator is just as long

    While these are huge milestones, I cherish the smaller ones just as much. Those are the ones that make this journey possible.

  2. OMG! That is awesome!!! :) Before you know it, you will be signing up for a 5k.

  3. @263 It is amazing that you are doing 5k's already and you started on March 30th....AMAZING!!!

    @Odi23 Thanks, I think it will be a bit before my 1st 5k LOL. TO be honest, I think I could have jogged longer today if it wasn't for my legs. Stamina wise I was fine, but I was really feeling the burn in my legs so I had to slow down.

  4. Nice job on the jogging! I ran my first full mile in mid-February, then my first 5K race in April :) It was awesome. I'm running a 10K in 3 weeks, then a half marathon 2 weeks after that (and holy smokes, I am not ready but I'm going to train hard!)

    So keep it up! I'm glad you're finding the positive side of running and setting small goals. I love it. I love it when people discover their passion for running because it's something that is free and that we're born to do :)

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  6. Thanks Jess!! WOW, you ran your first mile in February and your first 5k this month??!!! That is amazing. Best of luck on all the events you have coming up especially the half marathon. I can only imagine you will be on such a high after you finish that.

    I'm not sure I would call what I have as a "passion" for running lol. Although, I do enjoy setting the small goals and attaining them. It really feels good to accomplish something that a couple month ago I would not have even thought of.

  7. Vinny, I can SO relate to this post! I've only recently hit the milestone of running a solid a mile without stopping to walk. Oh, what a feeling that was! I felt invincible that day and you're right, it does set the tone for the future of my journey!

    Congrats man, and keep it up!!!!

  8. Josie, Thanks for chiming in. I really appreciate all the comments. Oh and great job on that mile!!!! I can't wait to hit that milestone, it will be an awesome day indeed.