Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 2 of Weights

Monday I started my second week of using weights, so far it's going OK. My calf still hurts from Friday night's run though and I am sort of afraid to push it, so today's cardio workout was not so eventful. I just walked at 3mph for a hour (3 miles) and kind of felt defeated a bit. I was not sweating enough for it to count as a good workout in my eyes. I should have probably tried the bike, but I am still uncomfortable exploring the gym when it's crowded. Hopefully by Thursday's cardio workout my calf feels better and I can get back to C25k. I don't want to lose the little progress I have made so far.

Saturday I will weigh in for the second time. I am trying to do it every two weeks so I don't become dependent on the scale and hopefully see bigger results in the weight loss. I am also hoping to see some loss in inches as well. I am planning on taking measurement every month. When I weigh in and "measure in" I will post the results. I also need to get around to posting pictures.

On the food front, I am eating a bit better, not great but better. Overcoming the food I think may be the hardest part of this whole weight loss thing. I love to eat and I really have to work on not just eating less but eating better as well. I am trying to get my portion sizes under control and working on veggies at night to snack on. Also, I am hearing I should take some kind of protein after working out (on weight training days). I was told Matrix 5.0 shakes are great (but expensive) and I also hear that I should try making my own shakes. Does anyone have any feedback on Matrix 5.0, good recipes or even other suggestions for the after workout protein?

Take care all.


  1. I still haven't figured out this whole protein shake thing...

    I usually just eat a peanut butter sandwich lol.

  2. I actually just got back from the store and picked up some stuff to make my own shakes. A friend of mine told me how to make them. I'll try them tomorrow and let you know how they are.