Saturday, April 24, 2010

To run or not to run....

Yesterday I was not able to make it to the gym until 10:30pm. It was late but I had one of my better workouts. I was on the treadmill for an hour and in that hour I did about five 1 minute runs...well 4.0mph is actually a jog but I will call it a run to boost my morale :p. The question I have to anyone who reads this is, am I doing any good by running? I mean, I know I sweat more, but is working up to running consistently really helping me more than walking for long periods? I'm new to all this and just looking for some feedback from people who have started out like me.

As a slight side note, I think I could have run more last night. I was planning on running for the last 2 minutes of the hour (putting me at about 1/2 mile total of running) but my right calf started to hurt to the point where I was limping slightly. At that point I slowed it down to 2.4 mph and finished the last two minutes.  I think I will rest my calf today. Any suggestions on what to do for a workout instead?


Friday's workout stats:
1 hour treadmill
5 one minute jogs at 4.0mph @ 1.0 incline


  1. If you feel like you can run more, try to, but don't hurt yourself. It's weird. I mean, you need to push yourself but you need to prevent injuries too. Sounds kind of confusing when I say it.

    But yes, running does help. Increasing your heart rate is effective and improves your cardiovascular system. HOWEVER, you do need to listen to your body. Stretch. Rest. Recover.

    A huge thing I've realized about running is that although it helps physically, the most awesome thing is that it helps mentally. It trains discipline and it trains self-motivation, two important tools that will help you grow mentally on your weight loss/healthy living quest. Running goals kind of mimic weight loss goals, in a weird way.

    Anyway, keep it up. The walking IS doing you good. Don't give that up, by any means. But if you can add some short running segments, that's great too. Start slow :)

  2. Thanks Jess, I really appreciate you chiming in. You are right, I need to get into a stretching routine. I only do that when I remember and I have to start doing it after every workout.

    Also, I am finding it hard to walk that line between pushing myself and not pushing too hard as to hurt myself. I guess I am unsure as to what is a normal pain and what is something I should stop at. Like for instance, when I was running and my calf started to hurt to the point where I was limping a bit I stopped and slowed way down, I mean it didn't feel right to keep going. When my shins start to hurt, I am not sure if I should run through that or stop. I hear people run through their shin splints? Oh well, I guess I will learn. :p