Monday, April 4, 2011

Official Monthy Weigh-In and March Wrap Up

This is a few days late, but I rarely blog on the weekends. Anyway…on to this past month’s weigh-in!

I came into March feeling a bit down at February’s weigh-in. I had gained 5 pounds and it was the first gain I had in a long time, so I was feeling it a bit in the motivation category. A 5 pound gain is a big deal to me seeing as I’ve really only been losing 5 pounds a month anyway.

I was determined to have March be different. My goal was to lose 10 pounds to get back on track. I needed to lose that 5 from February and another 5 for March. A 10 pound loss would give me my highest weight loss for a month yet.  I really really needed this to regain some lost motivation and get my head back in the game.

March brought with it a new accomplishment as well. I walked my furthest distance yet…10k! I can’t remember the last time I walked 6.2 miles.  Actually, I’m not even sure I have ever walked 6.2 miles before. I know as a kid (who loved to ride a bike), I rode that far, but walked…I’m not sure.  I even kept up a decent pace too completing it in 1 hour and 40 minutes. I bit below my usually 5k time, but I’m not going to be upset about that.

I also kept a decent diet. Yeah, I cheated a few days, but I only went over my calorie goal 2 days. So all in all I was expecting a good weigh-in come April 1st. Did I get it? Well, my official weight loss for the month of March was…


For those of you not keeping score that is a 9.4 pound loss for the month of March!! I just about hit my 10 pound goal and I am extremely happy. My motivation is high right now and in the past 2 days alone I have walked a total 10.85 miles! WOW, what a way to start off the month. I also just agreed last night to do a 5k race on May 22nd. That will be my first chipped race!

I have a good feeling about April now. I think maybe I can drop another 10 pounds this month and totally start my countdown to the lowest weight I have been at in 14 years (260). That will also be the first goal I had set for myself when I first started this.

I’m not sure who is going to find my blog this week. But if you are reading this and just starting out, or in a rut or plateau and feeling like giving up…there is a quote that is passed around this community from time to time…
“Just keep swimming” –Dora

Weight loss totals:
Starting weight: 320 pounds
February weigh in: 279.4
March weigh in: 284.6
April weigh-in: 275.2
Total loss so far: 44.8 Pounds
Short term goal: 260 pounds (15.2 pounds to go)
Long term goal: 200


  1. That's AWESOME dude! Keep up the good work, your persistence will pay off.

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