Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NovGTD Wrap-Up

Well another month has come and gone and so ends another monthly GTD (Going The Distance) challenge. These challenges, put together by Robby (@FatGirlvsWorld), are a great way to stay focused all month. They are also a fantabulous way to become part of group of people that will support you every step of the way. You see, these challenges are not set to pit one person against another, but they are there for you to challenge yourself. You can sign up here (, then get yourself on Twitter and follow all the great people. If you need help, I’ll lend a hand. So get on board for this month's DecGTD and become part of something special.
My NovGTD was a slow start followed by a rush to finish strong. The month began with me feeling a bit down about only having a 5 pound loss for the month of Oct. So the first week of Nov was filled with all my crap about is this really worth all the hard work and I ate too much and complained too much blah blah blah. I almost had to get the violin out a few times. I also started to develop blisters (big Mofo’s) in my armpit and that hurt like hell, so that kept the workouts to a minimum and definitely no running. After being kicked in the ass by most my fellow bloggers (I love those peeps), the second week went a bit better. The third and fourth weeks went ok as well but I ended up with only 85.4 miles on the month. I was short again of my goal of 100 miles running/walking in a month. You know what though, I was fine with that. Sure I want to hit that goal, but other than the first week (only 13 miles logged)  I really kicked ass to pull out a strong finish.

I’m about to do my monthly weight in for November and I must say I am not looking forward it. But even if I did gain, I know it’s just one month in a long journey and I will get back on track. I am so far health wise from where I was this past March and I have no complaints about that.

Next up….My monthly weight in.


  1. Check me out today. Its one right up your ally brother. That being said, I like the fact that tomorrow you post your weight and that makes 3 days in a row of posts! I always like to hear what you have to say, and just remember its only a number. It's not a grade that goes on your permanent record.

  2. You did great, Vinny.
    I had a tiny violin month as well. It was not pretty. But you know what? I'm back at it for December, and NOTHING is getting in my way.

    As for doing all that work and not losing weight... I'm with you there as well. My freak out was basically "I ran 220 miles in 2 months and only lost 5lbs??????" It took a while for me to be okay with it. I realized I gained a lot of muscle, but more than that I gained a TON of respect for myself. It was worth the journey.

  3. @James - I always read what you have to say bro and I'm heading there now! I know I don't post often enough :p

    @Robby - is tough not to freak out over the small loses with the tons of work we put in, but you are right..we gain muscle and respect for ourselves.

  4. I am so proud of you. Even when u have an issue holding u up, even when your gf sabbotages your eating choices, or the tiny violins have come to play, you trudge on. Not ever month is going to be a full steam ahead month. The point is to constantly strive for improvement. Which u do. Congrats on another great month.

  5. @Val...err kim - Thanks babe for showing the love, it means a lot :).

  6. Excellent November GTD sir. December is here, and needs a bunch of miles chewed up as well. Looking forward to the weigh in, regardless of the number you know that diet & exercise when working together are going to leave you healthier and healthier. DecGTD has them both, now we just have to choose to do that which we know we need to do.