Monday, October 11, 2010

The New Beast At The Gym

Well I would like to be able to say I and the new beast at the gym, but that is not the case just yet. I can say though, that I have found another machine to renew my interest and kick my ass at the same time. Ladies and gents, say hello to my new nemesis...the Precor AMT 100i. 

This master of fitness mayhem has been sitting in the gym for some time now, but I have never gone near it. Why you ask? Well, notice the tall presence and bright yellow colors. I learned long ago that you stay away from bright colored animals because they tend to hurt and cause serious damage to those who try and bother it. I figured I should heed the same warning at the gym. Stay away from the bright colored intimidating machines, because if you bother them, they will hurt you. 

Colors do not lie...even in the world of fitness machines!

The AMT 100i sent me home today with something to think about. What I thought about was, do I value the use of my legs and lungs. That answer is yes, but I also like great competition and that is what the AMT provides. 

This monster goes a step beyond the elliptical in the fact that it can be used as a step machine (short up and down stepping motions) or it can do medium or long strides. Let me tell you, when you are doing the long running type strides, it feels like you have weights strapped your legs...and that was just on a resistance of 2. My heart rate was hovering around 155-165 the whole time and sweat was pouring off me like there was a shower head above me. I got off this thing and my legs were shaking, telling  me enough already, we can do round two tomorrow.

I had been getting a bit bored at the gym as of late. I tried the treadmill, bikes, and elliptical, all which gave me a good workout, but I was getting bored. The AMT was like a new challenger staring me down, daring me to step over the line it had drawn in the sand. It was scary to walk over and accept the challenge, with it being all brightly danger colored and all, but in the end you need to face your fears or forever wonder what if. In the end I'm glad I walked over and faced the new beast. It was fun, it was very challenging, but best of all I conquered yet another fear. 

If you have an AMT at your gym and have not tried it yet, I suggest you give it a try. Yeah, it looks like it will kick your ass, and the first few times it probably will. I guarantee though that after your workout, you will feel like you just pulled the sword from the stone.

What fears have you overcome to bring new challenges to yourself? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Go Vinny Go!!! That things looks vicious! But NOTHING is too vicious for my boy Vinny! It looks like the ARC machine at my gym. I love it and always walk away shaking my head at the beat down I receive from it!

  2. Atta boy. I used to feel the same way about the elliptical. We are currently in a very good relationship. I see a stair machine similar to this one at my club. Never seen a person on it. Mayhaps I'll give it a go this week in your honor.

  3. @Tara - Thanks Tara. :) It was certainly a beat down.

    @JP - Give it a go man. I used to have the same idea about the elliptical when I first started (I think there is a post about it). Now I need to spend some good time on it and put the resistance up to get my HR up. This thing though...instant sweat lol. Let me know how you like it.

  4. One step at a time my friend. Before you know it, the AMT will be getting bored with you because you will have mastered it and will be looking for your next challenge.

    By the way, love the "No Pain, No Gain" picture!

    Keep on going!!

    - The Heavy Man

  5. Oh my - that thing scares me! I am not much of a gym person (I've been trying to learn to like running) but I know it's inevitable one day, lol. Show it who's boss!

  6. Would love to try that machine. I've seen machines with built in ipod decks. Like They really spoil us huh?

  7. Thanks for stopping by Butcher! That machine really is a beast. You need to try it!