Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week so far

It's been a few days since I posted so for any who follows this, sorry about that. This has been a pretty good week so far and I am feeling pretty good about my progress.

Monday I worked out for about an hour and a half. I started with my usual treadmill routine for an hour and then moved onto the weights. Tuesday was a killer day. I went to the gym in the morning for a hour and half of treadmill work and then I went again that night with my girlfriend for ANOTHER hour!! Not only that but in that hour I had the best workout ever on the elliptical. Yes you heard me, the elliptical. If you have been following this blog at all you know I hate that thing, it kicks my ass big time and then I'm pretty sure it calls me names. Not this time though! Tuesday it was all mine. So after working out for a hour and half earlier that day and then using the treadmill for 30 minutes that night, I got on the elliptical and did a record smashing (for me anyway) 30 minutes! Not only that, but I kept the pace and did 2 miles in that 30 minutes. That's a 4 minute mile for anyone keeping track. It feels really good to see my progress so far. Wednesday was an OK workout. I worked out in the morning and did my usual weight workout and also did some treadmill work.

As for my running progress, my legs still feel like lead but as long as it doesn't get painful I will try my hardest to run through it. I will also be making the bike and elliptical part of my cardio routine. I need to branch out and get off the treadmill some, I am getting a bit bored with it.

Also, in the weight news, I have not weighed myself yet or had my "measure-in" but I can tell some good things are happening because I can now pull my pants off while they are still belted (on the last notch). Yup, I might need to go down a size.

In other news, I am looking to spice up this blog a bit. I am not much of a blogger and at times this blog to me seems stale. So you might be seeing some changes pretty soon. Also if you have any suggestions  let me know.

Until next time I will leave you with this : "Stupid is the man who continues to do the same things and expect different results."


  1. Oh I remember the first time I owed that damn elliptical! It was awesome! Dude, you've got this!!!

    Change it up for sure. I run on the treadmill every morning but only for a mile (15 minutes tops) just to get the lungs working and the body moving. Then I jump on the elliptical, arc trainer or swim depending on my mood, nothing two days in a row though cause it gets boring.

    Can't wait to see the changes here!

  2. Thanks Tara! Changes are coming...they are coming.

  3. I love working out on the elliptical, I think I like it more then the treadmill. I to also have seen changes in the size of clothing I wear now- It's the best feeling when you need a size smaller of clothing. Keep working hard Vinny!

  4. Thanks Molly! I hear you on the elliptical. I have gone from working on the treadmill most of the time to only doing warm-ups on it. I use the elliptical and bike almost exclusively now.

  5. Double gym is awesome! But tiring :) Proud of you for doing that! And glad your girlfriend went with you to the gym!

    Going down a pant size is amazing. Seriously. It's stuff like that that gives me immense joy, more joy than what the scale can show me.

    Keep it up!