Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holy Elliptical Batman!

Have you been reading my blog? If not you need to go back and read some posts because it is the only way you will truly understand what I am about to say.

Tonight I think I can say that I have won a battle. I know there will be other battles and the war is not over, but tonight my friends I stand tall.  Tonight I took this one man army and marched on with one goal in mind, and that was to defeat this machine that people call the elliptical one on one.

It was a tough battle, probably my toughest yet. The last time I took this beast on I broke a personal record of 30 minutes and 2 miles. It was a tough fight and I felt good about it, but I still left feeling it edged me out a little. Not tonight my friends...oh no...not tonight. On this night I left sweaty, tired and sore, but I also left with this:

72 MINUTES and 5 MILES!!!

Don't ever...ever say to yourself that you can't lose weight. Don't ever say that it is too hard for you to exercise. Don't ever say that you're too fat and it's just too much work. Don't ever say these things because I know you CAN do these things. How do I know, because just 3 months ago I was saying I couldn't and today...


  1. Way to go Vinny! So true that anyone can do it- You just gotta get up and start working out.

  2. You said it Molly...just get up and start working out.

  3. NO WAY! That's freakin awesome! I did my first "5K" on an elliptical a few weeks ago! I felt so good!

    BTW, thanks for following me!


  4. Thanks!! Yeah, it did feel pretty good. :-) Oh and no prob on the follow. I love reading all these blogs and getting motivated.

  5. Awesome Vinny! You rock! You ARE doing it!

  6. Thanks Ed!!! I get the inspiration from all the great blogs I read...including yours!