Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitchen Scale Review (EatSmart Precision Pro)

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Scale
Today is my review of the EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale. This is the first review in a series of reviews I’m going to do. Hopefully this series will lead into the launch of my new site; The Review Board.  
I enjoy cooking and I love kitchen gadgets, so this was a fun review for me. I’ve also been meaning to buy a kitchen scale so this was the perfect opportunity for me to run this through some tests (I love testing).  I should also note that EatSmart was kind enough to send me this, BUT I have purchased EatSmart products in the past (Bathroom scale) and all reviews done by me are honest no BS reviews. If a product is great I will tell you, if it’s crap, I’ll let you know that too.

With all that being said, let’s get on with this.

The EatSmart Precision Pro Scale’s measurement units are g/oz/kg and lbs and it comes in a few color choices (White, Red, Black, Silver and White/Chrome).  With the product dimensions being approximately 8”x6”x1.5”, it’s a nice compact scale that will fit nicely on your counter or easily stored away. The one thing that set this above some of the others is that the weight capacity maxes out at 11 lbs or 5kg. Most of the other scales I looked at maxed out at about 6 lbs. I’m not sure I will ever max this out but it’s nice to know I can drop a turkey on here if need be…or measure other things……
Widget being measured

Some other features of this scale include:
·         Automatic turnoff after 3 minutes (tested –works)
·         2 year full warranty (I have not tested their customer service yet)
·         2 AAA batteries included
·         Tare function (tested –see review)

EatSmart says that this scale is accurate to +-1 gram. Well, I’m not one to take their word on that so I needed to put this through some tests. The first test was to take a product that I already knew the weight of (Chobani yogurt cup 6.0oz) and measure that. The total weight came out to 6.5oz. To be as accurate as possible I also measured the empty container (emptying it was fun) and the lid. That came to .5oz exactly, so this scale passed that test with flying colors. 

EatSmart scale passing the Chobani test

Next I measured some sugar in grams and some flour in lbs and kg. The sugar came out exactly accurate but the full bag of flour teetered back and forth between 5lbs and 5.016. Well after realizing that I measured it in the original bag, I had to put a bowl on the scale, “tare” the bowl to zero and measure again. This time it measured 5.001 pounds and the kg was right on with 2.26. A bit of a discrepancy there, but that could have been my wobbly table.

So far I was impressed, but there was still one more test. I am going to be using this mostly while set to ounces so I wanted to do 1 more test on that setting. Using the tare feature (let’s you set a containers weight to zero) I placed a measuring cup on the scale. This would allow me to fill the measuring cup to 8oz and then see if the scale matched. So I slowly poured water into the cup and the scale started to measure and rise immediately. When I got close o the 8oz mark I had to go drip by drip to get an accurate measurement. As you can see form the picture, the water line is at 8oz and the scale says 8oz. Wow, I was pretty impressed.
8oz exactly
All in all this is an accurate scale. I had one discrepancy but even if that was the scales fault and not mine, it still held true to EatSmart’s claim of +/- 1gram. The scale is light and plastic so I’m not sure it could really take too much of a beating, but then again I don’t know too many people who play catch with their scales. So to wrap this up,  I would feel very comfortable recommending the EatSmart Precision Pro Scale to anyone in the market for a kitchen scale. Thanks again to EatSmart for the chance to review this and if you have any further question, please feel free to ask.

If you're a vendor and think your product can withstand an honest straightforward review, just submit a request to me via email or contact me via Twitter @VinnySlavin.


  1. Well done vinny! I have been eying one of these since I looked at the bathroom scale.

  2. I am in the market for a new kitchen scale, the one I have, is now acting in no uncertain terms wonky, displaying wide ranges of numbers with a simple items placed in the middle not moving.
    Thanks for the good honest review of these, I keep hearing awesome things about EatSmart products!