Friday, February 11, 2011

February Official Weigh In

Wow, it’s already February 11th and I just realized I totally forgot to post my monthly weigh-in. January was a tough month, but I was able to stay on track as far as food intake goes. My gym time, now that is a different story.

I got back home from Vacation on the 4th and I had a real hard time getting back into the swing of things and going to the gym. I maybe went once a week did some half ass workout and left. Not exactly what you would call rockin’ it. January also brought the passing of my dog Chase. That was a hard one for myself and my fiancé to handle seeing as he was part of our family for 12 years and one of the best damn dogs you would have ever met.  So needless to say January was not a great month.

So how did I do as far as weight loss goes? Well, I stepped on the scale February 1st and it read:

Another 5 pound loss for January!

I was real happy to see that (I should really start posting pictures of my weigh-ins) seeing as I didn’t hit it hard at the gym. So, I figure at the pace I am going, I should hit my short term goal of 260 pounds by May of this year and my long term goal of 200 by December of this year! December seems a bit far off right now, but May is sneaking up on us fast and that means by May I should be the lightest I have been in 13 years!

What were your weigh-in totals for January?

Leave a comment and brag a bit. I love hearing how everyone is doing. Also, seeing as Blogger doesn’t allow me to leave “comment love” like Wordpress , let us know what your last blog post was.
Oh and before I forget. I am trying really hard to post more than just once or twice a month. So I have about 6 more posts ready in waiting to just type up. I’ll try to pace them out, but keep a look out for them.

Weight loss totals:
Starting weight: 320 pounds
February weigh in: 279.4
Total loss so far: 40.6 pounds! 
Short term goal: 260 pounds (19.4 pounds to go!)
Long term goal: 200 (79.4 pounds to go)


  1. Hey Vinny, Sorry to hear you had a tough month. You however, had a loss and that is worth cheering about. Hopefully, February will be a better month. I will keep an eye out for those blog posts, and will be reading your tweets.

    *I lost 15lbs for the month of January, I was hoping for 20 but I am not complaining. My goal is 20 a month eating 2200 calories or less a day.*

  2. Congrats on the January loss! Isn't it nice to think about May creeping up on us. Being from North Dakota I LOVE to think about spring!

  3. @TubbyNoMore - Thanks for stopping by. WOW you lost 15 pounds in Jan??!! That is AMAZING!! Keep up that great work!! I have not had a monthly loss like that yet.

    @Andi - Isn't it great to think about spring? :) I can't wait to take the bike out!

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