Monday, July 19, 2010

Long Time Coming.

This post is a long time coming. I should have posted pictures a while ago, but I could never bring myself to do it. I hate looking at myself in pictures and always hide form the camera when possible. This is pretty embarrassing but if I am going to have all of you holding me accountable, you need to see the before pictures as well as the after pictures at the end of this year. So....after taking a deep are the pictures.

 What do you notice or the white statue ass? :p

My sisters dog Ollie.

Well, there you have it, pictures of me. At the end of this year I hope to look back on this post and laugh. The next pictures you see will hopefully be of a much skinnier, healthier and  better looking me!


  1. Vinny, way to go man. You posted pictures when you were ready. Not when you felt anyone expected them, or because others do. You waitied until you were comfortable doing so. Myself, I did likewise. i was not going to post pictures on day one. thats why on my weigh in days you see my graphic of the block head dude, that was all I was going to share. Then a week or two later I felt comfortable with all I was experiencing here and put up pictures and keep doing so when I want.

    Looking good Vinny, and you'll look as good as you want in time as you do what you know you need to do, what you want to do.

    Go gett'em.

  2. Patrick, as always, thanks man! I really appreciate it. It was a bit hard for me to do, but I felt I had to. I can write about my weight loss all day, but to really be held accountable people need to see it (if any).

  3. about time you posted pics!

  4. Not very excited about it....but yeah, I guess it was about time :p

  5. I like how Ollie is getting some facetime LOL

  6. Now that he is on here he will be a STAR!! :p

  7. Yeah, I totally noticed the white ass... but well.. you put it out there.

    And ollie is adorable!

    I know it's hard to do. You saw my bikini photo, right? But it's the first step in saying "Never again."

  8. To say I'm proud of you Vinny would be an understatement. Putting pictures of ourselves for the world to see when we can barely look in the mirror without wanting to punch what is looking back at us is not only showing strength but also the desire to get this shit done.

    The great thing about posting pictures Vinny is you know you don't have to look that way anymore. My "fat" pictures are so difficult to look at. I still cry (as if you're surprised) but I don't look that way anymore. Those are the old Tara. Now they are a reminder of where I don't want to be and that keeps me going.

    Proud of you Vinny!

  9. Vinny, let me tell you that had it not been for pictures, there is little doubt in my mind that I would still be at this. Being able to see pictures of my progress (especially at the beginning)played a huge part in my success. It's difficult to see progress on a daily basis, just looking in the mirror, especially when you have a lot to lose, so being able to look at pictures and notice a difference helped a lot. I'm Sooooo glad you decided to post these! I wish you nothing but SUCCESS!

  10. Josie,

    First, thanks for stopping by. I say it over and over, but it means a lot that people read this. It helps this long process.

    I'm trying to look at this post as a future positive. What I mean is, I am hoping to be able to look back on this and say I never want to be that unhealthy again.

    How are you doing in your process?