Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monthly Official Measure-In

It has been a long month. A month of ups and downs as far as my weight, but also a month of great progress as far as exercising goes. I started off the month still worried about the scale and ended with not worrying about it at all. I also went into this month not watching calories and ended the month tracking them all.  I went from walking 100% of the time to running part of the time.

After a long month today is the day I weigh in and measure in. I am doing this once a month, not weekly not daily. Will doing it like this work? I don't know, but I am trying it anyway for a few months to see how it  goes.                                       
So without further ado, here are my results.
 At the beginning of  May I weighed 314 pounds. Today I weighed in 303 pounds - 11 pounds lost in May! Almost out of the 300's.

I am also proud to say I lost inches in all areas...except 1.

I lost:
1/4 inch in my neck
1 inch in my stomach
1 1/4 inches in my waist
1/2 inch in my thighs
Somehow I gained 1/4 inch in my chest but we will blame that on working with weights LOL.

I found a LBM (lean body mass) calculator online and got my results from that also.

My LBM is - 40% with 121 pounds of that being body fat and 186 pounds of LBM. Awful results but I will work really hard on improving that by next month.

So there you have it...my results for the month. Not great, but I am happy with them.  I am also looking into buying a fat caliber to better measure my fat loss.

How did you end your month?


  1. Baby steps vinny, You'll get there! Keep working hard...

    and btw I'm going to kick your butt today in Champion of the Universe ;)

  2. Thanks Molly!!

    And ummmm...I will have to say NOT to you kicking my butt. That Avatar is mine! :-)