Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Champion of the Universe Contest/Results

So today was the Champion of the Universe contest that Molly over at challenged everyone too. Basically you had to burn as many calories as you could today while working out and then post a picture of it on your blog.

Well, I am not sure how I am going to do against everyone but here are my results:

Now I worked out pretty damn hard for about a hour and 15 minutes and this is all I could muster up. I am assuming I will get my but kicked in this contest because there are some pretty dedicated runners and elliptical nuts in this too, but I gave it my best today with the time I had.

I am looking forward to the next contest so I can become...Champion of the Universe!!!!


  1. WOOHOO! Good job vinny! Im about to go do my workout.

  2. Thanks go kick my butt. You can do 1300 in no time flat!

  3. You and Molly are effin hardcore. I need to up my game.

  4. You need to up your game Tara? Miss 10k and triathlon coming up. On the contrary, I think I need to up my game! :p