Thursday, April 15, 2010

Loosing track of time.

So the other day I got on a treadmill, started my workout and went to turn on the TV that was attached to it. was broke. To make matters worse, I had forgotten my Zune. I did however have my headphones. How I remembered my headphones and forgot my Zune I have no idea, so don't ask :p. I spent the whole 65 minutes trying to keep my eyes off the timer and it made the workout last sooo much longer. You don't realize just how much you need a distraction from your workout until you don't have one, at least for me. I can't just zone out to my heart beating faster, I need something a bit more.

I know music is a great distraction of time and an even better motivator, but what I wanted was something to totally make me zone out and not concentrate on my walking. Now, what could be better than the TV? What could be more distracting than 65 minutes of ESPN? Well I can tell you one thing, it's not the Food Network. I tried that once....bad idea. Great station to watch while at home, not while working out. There is nothing worse than trying to shed some pounds while watching Alton Brown make brownies. Anyway, I have found that the best distraction for me is watching movies! The next day after my Zune debacle I started bringing in my phone with me to work out. I started playing the Transformers movie on it and I just zoned, totally forgetting that I was walking. When the treadmill went into cool down mode I was like wow, an hour already? Now I wouldn't watch a movie while lifting weights, but a boring exercise like really does the job.

What do you do to distract yourselves, if anything? I would love to hear all the ideas.


  1. My trusty ipod shuffle is what I rely on. I can't watch the tv while running on the treadmill. I find I get all clumsy trying to concentrate on the tv and my feet at the same time.

    The elliptical I usually just plug into the monitor attached, if it's broken I punch the person next to me to get off of theirs and take over like a mafia kingpin.