Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back Again

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. It has been over 1 year since my last blog entry.

Wow, over 1 year. A lot has happened since my last blog entry. I was recently inspired by a friend to give this a go again, so let's me sum up the year. 

October of 2011 

I ran my first 10k and was well on my way to hitting my first major weight goal of 260. I was 12 pounds away. After the 10k something something in my head said to stop running and unfortunately I listened. I can't really say for sure what it was. I was stoked after my 10k, I had a good time but I just stopped running. 

Skip ahead to June 2012. 

I had gained back a bit of weight (15 pounds), and knew I needed to get back off my ass and start running again. A friend of mine pushed me and pushed me and finally after a a month getting back into the swing of things, in July I ran my first 7.3 miles pretty much non stop, it was great. I was back on track! 

In August 

I did my first Zombie mud run (as a zombie) and had a great time. I was certainly going to hit my weight goals...so I thought. In December I slowed down again. Just got bored and tired of all this weight loss stuff. The constant tracking of foods, and the calorie counting, etc... I simply gave up. Of course, I wish I hadn't. 

Let's skip to now and the reason I am blogging again. 

I'm back to 30 pounds gained back of my 53 lost. All those pounds I swore I would never let come back on are there again, it's frustrating! Not only that, but clothes are not fitting, I am tired all the time again, and I can feel the old lazies starting to come back. 

This needs to STOP! 

I know the only person who can get me back on track is me. All the people I used to work out with are far above my fitness level now and I'm back to working out alone. I'm missing the people who used to push me all the time. I promised myself I would get back on track.

What am I doing?

I started to eat Primal last week and so far it has been going well. I went a week eating totally clean. Until today that is. I missed breakfast, was really hungry and someone brought in some crappy food....I went to town on it. I feel like crap now of course, but I made great choices the rest of the day. I'll get back on this and drop the pounds again. I just hope I can stick to it this time. 

My ramblings are done for the day. Back to reading more inspirational blogs. :) 


  1. Welcome back. Lets knock this out one last time!

    1. Thanks Sarah! We will knock this out for sure! :)

      Oh and thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Welcome back! I recently came back too!! In the past, I also ran 5ks and then just stopped running. For me it was darn winter that got in my way. It shouldn't have, but I let it. Now I've been out of the running world for 4 years. *sigh* . Oh well, I'm back now and so are you. We can do this!!!

  3. Oh just realized this was posted in 2013! Come back again will you please. We can support each other :)

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